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Possible DHS Shutdown: Assistance for Coast Guard Families

CG financial assistanceThe government has bought themselves a bit more time in order to reach an agreement on the Department of Homeland Security budget, one week. At the end of this week, if no decision is made, the shutdown of the Department of Homeland Security is eminent. This means that the members of the Coast Guard will go without pay as of March 15, and until the government can come to an agreement. This a scary possibility for all the families involved, but it is reassuring to see that many organizations have stepped up to help Coast Guard families.

In the case that there is a DHS shutdown, these organizations are offering assistance for Coast Guard families:

Coast Guard Mutual Assistance (CGMA): The Mutual Assistance program has made it known that they are available to provide limited assistance to active members affected by the lapse of DHS appropriations. Active duty members can access this assistance by filling out the proper forms and/or contacting their CGMA representative.

Operation Homefront: Operation Homefront has also stated that they will be there for Coast Guard families should a DHS shutdown occur. They are able to provide emergency support including financial assistance, food assistance, rent, utilities, home repair, and home items.

Financial Institutions: Both Navy Federal Savings and USAA have stated that they will offer 0% interest loans to replace the lost paychecks of Coast Guard families who qualify. Contact a bank representative to find out if you qualify and how to utilize this offer.

The thought of not receiving a paycheck is stressful, especially since many families depend on each and every check. Remember there is help available for you, the Coast Guard is a family and we will a get through it together. Don’t be afraid or feel ashamed to reach out for the help that is offered to you, if you need it.


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