Top Tips For Redecorating Your Kitchen

Is your kitchen starting to look a little outdated? Perhaps it’s not your food that’s passed it’s sell-by date. If so, then now is the time to revamp your kitchen. Here are some top tips for redecorating one of your home’s most important spaces from head-to-toe. Give them a go!


Carpet? Ew. Your kitchen floor is crying out for some ceramic tiles to completely reinvent the room. Check out the likes of TileMarkets to ensure that you get both the best price and the best quality when renovating your kitchen. Tiles are ten times easier to clean up in comparison to carpet surfaces, too. So, by opting for this design method, you’ll be saving yourself a load of hassle too – tiles won’t leave nasty stains! Another alternative to the tiled floor is wood. Wooden kitchen floors are very in right now. It’s important to note, that if you opt for a wooden floor, you’re probably going to want to avoid utilising word too much elsewhere. Such as on the countertops or cupboards, etc. One excellent way of freshening up a wooden floor look is to paint the wooden panels white. This will instantly brighten up your kitchen and offer a great alternative to those wretched carpeted floors.

All White
Continuing the all-white theme, why not consider whitewashing your entire kitchen? This is a very modern and trendy take on the workspace. Your room will instantly brighten up, and feel substantially bigger. Plenty of people are getting in on the act! Why don’t you give it a go today? Having the majority of your kitchen cladded in gorgeous white paint enables you to place emphasis on certain elements of the room. Inject little segments of color into the kitchen. This can be achieved with colored cushions at the table or a bright yellow kettle poignantly placed on one of your surfaces.


New Fridge Freezer
Why not treat yourselves to a massive new fridge freezer? You are renovating the kitchen after all! Slice a little bit of the budget off and go and spend the money on an impressive food-hoarding machine. There are plenty of advantages to your modern day fridge freezer. For example, additional storage space in your freezer allows for better meal planning for your family. You can increase the wellbeing and general health of the people that you care most about by freezing away healthy meals. If you make them all on one day of each week, then you can ensure that there is little hassle at dinner time each evening. Hopefully, this will stop you all grabbing a takeaway when nobody can be bothered to cook something healthy! Also, if you pick up a fridge freezer that features a water dispenser, then everybody is naturally going to stay better hydrated. The novelty will never wear off – trust us!


Breakfast Corner

Ever fancied installing a breakfast bar? Well now is the time. Renovating your kitchen means that you could install a new countertop. If you do, why not have stools and set up a perfect spot to eat your bagel and drink your coffee in the morning. All you need is your coffee maker, a pot of sugar, the morning paper and a marble countertop and you’re good to go. Perhaps this new addition will get you out of bed in the mornings! Alternatively, if you have a quirky unused space in your kitchen then turn it into a breakfast corner. Make use of that awkward area by the windowsill where a cupboard won’t quite fit. Have a carpenter make custom measured seating that will fit your unique space and turn it into your new breakfast corner – the same rules apply!

New Table & Chairs

Where you dine is often the centrepiece of any kitchen. With that in mind, your table and chairs need to reflect the new style that you are trying to inject into your kitchen. Therefore, be sure to spend a fair bit on a decent new table and accompanying chairs. Chunky is very in right now. So, perhaps it might be worth picking up something with thick table legs in a block colour. This will tie in well with almost any design. Why not give it a go today and splash the cash?!

Hopefully, these five top tips have inspired you to do something amazing with the kitchen in your home. Redecorating and renovating a tired, old kitchen can do wonders for a home. It’s puzzling as to why people often make it the last room that they do up when moving into a new place. Nonetheless, sort out your kitchen today and start enjoying the home that you deserve!


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