Choosing a Stress Free Holiday

Photo Credit: kidsonlineworld.blogspot.com
Photo Credit: kidsonlineworld.blogspot.com

We all know the typical adages of holiday stresses. Everyone freaks out as soon as the turkey hits the table on Thanksgiving. We all begin to worry about what they need to buy, where we need to go, and how we are going to afford it all. We stress ourselves out to the point where we can no longer even enjoy the holiday season. The big question is, why? Why do we insist on making this a stressful time of year?

The Christmas season is a magical time of year. If you look into the eyes of a child when they see the decorations, hear Christmas carols and especially when they see Santa, you can see how true and alive the magic is. So why is it that when we become adults we lose that sense of magic? We concentrate so much on the worry and the money, that we miss what is really important. We miss moments with our children and families, we miss the joy in the air and we miss the little things that make the holiday season a special time.

Throughout this time of year, we find articles and advice everywhere on how to make the holiday season a less stressful time. Many of them actually have some good advice. My advice to you, though, is a little bit different than the typical advice you’ll find. I have had my time of stressful holidays. I have had moments that I’ve missed because of it. But I have a found a way to make the holidays as special as they should be without stressing about it. You are probably wondering where my magic wand is, and how it is even possible that I’ve done this. Well, I’m going to tell you…

The truth is, there is no big secret to making your holidays less stressful. There is no magic wand to make them easier for you. What I’m going to tell you might surprise you. The holidays are stressful because we make them that way. We get in our own heads and we cause our own stress. This doesn’t have to be a stressful time of year. You can choose to have a stress free holiday season. You can choose to not let things bother you. You can choose to bring back the magic to your holiday. It’s all a choice, and it’s up to you.

  • If you are stressing about money, buy cheaper gifts or make them. Grandparents love nothing more than a handmade gift from their grandchildren. Everyone loves home baked goodies.
  • Don’t overdo it. Teach your kids that it’s not all about the stuff you get. Teach them where the true magic of the season comes from.
  • If traveling around the holidays stresses you out, don’t travel. Stay home this year. If you do have to travel, plan ahead. Get to airport early and give yourself the time to navigate the crowds. If you are driving, give yourself extra time so you don’t have to stress about the traffic.

You can change your mindset. You can choose to set the stress aside and see the magic. Take that feeling you had when you were kid and breathe it in. If you have kids, try seeing the holidays through their eyes this year. Really take the time to look around you and enjoy everything the holiday season has to offer. This year, choose to have a stress free holiday season, and you will be shocked at the difference it makes!


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