Blogger Nation: Top 5 Military Bloggers
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Blogger Nation: Top 5 Military Bloggers

Once upon a time, I was a blogger. But then life happened and I just couldn’t find the time. I often considered why anyone out there would want to read what I had to say on a weekly basis. Nonetheless, I continue to follow several military and lifestyle blogs because, let’s face it- people like to indulge in other people’s lives. We are a society of voyeurs: reality t.v. shows, rubbernecking on the highway to look at an accident, and celebrity gossip is just a short list.

In order to satisfy your craving for new blogs to follow, I have come up with a list of some of my favorite milbloggers that focus not only on military life, but also on fitness, humor, moms, food, and travel.

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Blogger Nation: Top 5 Military Bloggers

Fitness: Food, Fitness, and Family Fitness is something I am pretty passionate about, and there are quite a few fitness blogs I love. However, Madeline over at Food, Fitness, and Family is someone I can truly relate to as a military wife and mom who is motivated to include fitness into her every day life. She gives great tips and exercise plans for those of us who are just trying to cram in a few minutes of exercise every day. She also has tips for working out while pregnant and recipes for healthy meals. Madeline is down to earth, and I really look forward to each of her posts!

Humor: It’s not Me, It’s You I have been following this military spouse for awhile now. Her previous blog, “A Boy, A Girl, and the Marine Corps” caught my attention for her snarky wit and funny comebacks to the cards military life had drawn her. As she moves on to her current blog, “Seriously” as she likes to be called, talks about her life after being diagnosed with a rare form of arthritis that has left her learning to walk again. She writes about her experiences with humor and light, which is inspirational to her readers. Not everyone will love her snark, those who do will delve into a wonderful journey with her.

Moms: Singing through the Rain Kathryn is a military wife and mother whose blog focuses on her faith, marriage, and motherhood. Although she has many talents, I love reading about Kathryn’s experiences as a mother to her two children, one of whom is special needs and the other whom has recurrent health issues. Kathyrn is young yet she has experienced so much in her life trying to help her children get the medical help they need all the while dealing with being a military spouse. I find her journey through motherhood inspiring to others.

Food: Kitchen Candid I love food. Therefore, I love food blogs, especially those that focus on healthy options. Brittany over at Kitchen Candid is a military spouse whose recipes focus on “wholesome, healthy, and (most importantly) delicious meals.” She has so many wonderful recipes to try: from creamy corn chowder, squash and goat cheese biscuits, and tomato and watermelon mint salad, to coconut popsicles and healthy fruit roll-ups. Most of the ingredients she uses you can find at your local grocer (or you can make yourself), so there is no need to find the one “all-organic” store 50 miles away for what you need. I love seeing what she has in store for me to try next!

Travel: World Traveling Military Family I live vicariously through this military spouse! Her and her Air Force family have been stationed in all sorts of amazing places (Iceland, Japan, and Germany) and they use their time overseas to travel the world. The list of places she and her family have visited is extensive and impressive. She has amazing tips for traveling under Space A, PCSing overseas (or PCS tips in general), and she allows the reader to delve into her experiences as she travels the world. Her photographs are amazing and she has truly taken advantage of their life as a military family!

Do you have a favorite military spouse blog? Leave a comment below so we can spread the love on these amazing families and their life experiences!


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  1. Brittany at KitchenCandid is as skillful at infusing humor and insights on being a military spouse as she is at bringing ingredients together to produce a colorful and flavorful recipe. Life is kind of like that, isn't it? A great skill set for a military spouse. Congratulations, Brittany!

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