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America the Beautiful, America the Diverse



America the Beautiful, America the Diverse

When I was a young girl growin’ up in Bloomfield, Missouri my pappy used to play this song on the record player:

It was a darn familiar tune, but when Mr. Ray Charles played it, it didn’t sound nothin’ like I done learnt it in school.  His starts out like this;

“Oh beautiful, for heroes proved,

In liberating strife,

Who more than self, our country loved,

And mercy more than life,

America, America, may God thy gold refine,

Till all success be nobleness

And every gain divined.”

Now I was too young to recall if anyone was madder than a wet hen ‘bout him changin’ the lyrics. As I got older and my world expanded to include people from diverse backgrounds I done begun to understand his words. He was sayin‘ what I’ve always believed that bein‘ an American means havin‘ a chance to know love and live without fear. Any other country and Mr. Ray Charles would never have become famous, coulda been killed, imprisoned or at the least never been allowed to sing in public. Now I’m ashamed to say that during my lifetime Mr. Ray Charles bein‘ a poor, blind, black man in the South probably lived in fear.  He done come up durin‘ the civil rights movement, before which he done lived in the facade of “separate but equal”.  He suffered through doctors tellin‘ his momma he should be institutionalized for bein‘ blind, that he’d never amount to nothin’. He struggled with addictions and still found God’s mercy and grace. He knew what it meant to be poor and hungry, and became a successful musician despite it. His lyrics, they’re about honor.  He was sayin’ that in America, despite all the obstacles, despite the prejudice, despite the injustice, because a few good folks done stood up and changed it, we could all live without fear. To me he is sayin’ America is beautiful because we’ve made it that way, together by the grace of God.  He done said it best at the end;

“My God he done shed his grace on thee,

And you oughta love him for it,

Cause he, he, he, he, crowned thy good,

You know he gave us brotherhood,

from sea to shining sea.”

Now there are a bunch of you yahoos who are up in arms about this here darn Coca-Cola ad:


So let me tell ya’ll a few things about this commercial:

  1. This ain’t our national anthem
  2. The people singin’ in this ad are children
  3. The languages bein’ sung are as follows; English, Hebrew, Tagalog, Spanish, Arabic, Mandarin, Hindi, Sengalese-French, somebody needs to explain to me which one is terrorist language
  4. When we call ourselves Americans and the rest of them foreigners, we forget that at one time someone in our family was a foreigner, and we all are to the Native Americans
  5. Coca-Cola is an international company founded by an American-Colonel John Pemberton, a civil war veteran in Georgia to cure his addiction to morphine
  6. “America the Beautiful” was written by Katherine Lee Bates, a lesbian
  7. Every single person in the commercial is American- either Native American, born American or gained legal citizenship.

I have to ask, what’s done happened to our common sense? When we stand united in hatred, prejudice and self-righteous anger we dishonor those who fought for our freedom. I don’t know how ya’ll can rightly call yourselves a patriot because some little girls sang a beautiful song in seven beautiful languages and it makes you a little uncomfortable. Ya know what ya’ll can do… don’t buy Coca-Cola products. And if ya don’t buy Coke, don’t use your religion, the language you speak or your sexual orientation to justify it or unify others in your idiocy.  Don’t watch the commercial, noboy’s forcin’ ya.  And for God’s sake- stop clogging up my newsfeed, my news shows, and my talk shows complainin’ about it. Ya’ll don’t like it- go back to the country your family first came from… this here is America and I for one am gonna honor our diversity by drinkin’ another Coke! Who’s with me?


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