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How big is football in your home? Football is a staple in many homes today, having parties, getting together and just having a good time. There is however a big game called the Superbowl, this is the mother of all football games and one of the biggest events in homes all over the country!

How big do you go for the Superbowl?! There was one year when my mom and aunt ganged up against my dad.  It was the 1989 Super bowl, the Bengals vs. the 49ers.  Half of my face was painted for the 49ers, the other half for the Bengals.  It was good times, good times people!

So how about this year, you experience the big game like a VIP? If you want to experience the Super Bowl like a VIP, you have to check out the PrimeSport VIP experience. PrimeSport is your one-stop-shop for everything Super Bowl! PrimeSport is the premier vendor for the perfect Super Bowl weekend experience. PrimeSport sells game tickets, VIP hospitality, and Travel. What is this you may ask?

The PrimeSport VIP Experience at the Super Bowl are Super Bowl Weekend exclusive parties, Premium game tickets, pre-game hospitality parties and in-stadium hospitality parties.

If you live in NJ/NY, please check out these great Superbowl packages and experience the game in a way that you have never imagined! You will be the talk of your neighborhood!



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