New Year-New You: 5 Steps For You


New Year-New You: 5 Steps For You

New year, new you. That is everyone’s motto when the new year arrives. We use the new year as an excuse to get fit or start eating healthier or making decisions about our job or family. We begin creating our new selves, and hopefully, this time around we can be satisfied with the outcome. But amidst of all our new year resolutions, are we really just changing for us or because it’s what is expected of us?

My New Year’s resolution is kind of cliché, but it’s something that – if the end result is what I expect – I will be happy about. I want a new me. I want to be that positive, upbeat person that I used to be. I want to be able to smile even when things are not going my way. I want to be able to brush things off my shoulder and let things be and to remind myself that things happen for a reason.

I don’t want to sound dramatic and say things haven’t gone my way, but they haven’t. That’s part of life, right? Also, I want to change my attitude for my husband. The poor guy’s current billet is draining the life out of him and it doesn’t help whenever he comes home to find me and my not-so-happy attitude. As well, I feel that a positive attitude, and being in high spirits, will channel that through to my husband and so forth. Corny, I know, but I believe in that and I feel with just a change in attitude your life can be better.

So how does one start a change like that? Unlike making a resolution to get fit, I can’t go get a membership to a gym or buy new work out clothes, but I have created some simple steps.

Step 1: First I have to acknowledge that I have been Princess Moppy Pants (I’d say queen, but I don’t think I have been that bad).

Step 2: Stop myself when I see that I’m heading in that direction. You know when you watch some movies and the character stops and goes back in time to remember something, but in real life he/she is has only been “out of it” for 2 seconds? I need to do that. Take a step back and see what happened every time I went onto moppy-pants mode.

Step 3: Get out of the house. I try to get out of the house, even if it’s to walk the dog around the neighborhood, but I need to make it a routine. I know that whenever I treat my dog to a nice long walk, not only is she happy and completely pooped when we get home, but I feel great. Win, win.

Step 4: Make the best out of a crappy situation. This Christmas Eve wasn’t one for the books. Due to my husband’s billet, we didn’t get to spend it together and I only saw him when he finally came home Christmas Day in the afternoon. So, for Christmas Eve I made myself a nice meal, opened a nice bottle of wine and snuggled with my dog while we watched Christmas movies all night long. It was sad he wasn’t home, but I had to make the best out of that situation.

Step 5: Fill my house with flowers. When my husband and I PCS’d to San Diego I took advantage of the different supermarkets the city had to offer and that I began my obsession with Trader Joe’s. TJ’s carries a large, and beautiful, array of flowers that every week I make sure to grab a bouquet of sunflowers or gerber daisies to brighten the house. This has made a world of difference in my house. The flowers have brightened my mood and continue to do so.

Hopefully, come New Year’s Day 2015 I can look back at this resolution and be proud that I have accomplished it. Wish me luck!

How are you planning to achieve and fulfill your New Years resolutions? Share.


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  1. You can do it Ines! I really do believe positive attitude is contagious, and the more you do it, the easier it will come/stick around 🙂

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