5 Ways to Make Resolutions Last

Photo Credit: betanews.com
Photo Credit: betanews.com

Making My Resolutions Last

The month of January has always been a fickle one. It is a month where all your expectations and desires for New Year’s Resolutions are born and sadly begin to die. We inaugurate our New Year with extreme confidence in set goals while celebrating a chance to start fresh once again. It’s a time filled with hope and dreams for a better you. But around this time of the month we veer off track a tad, and slowly the vision we had for ourselves gets a bit blurry. By March we have completely lost that vision and are living our lives just like every other year.

Well, that’s how it is for me at least. And because of this cycle I seem to find myself in, I haven’t made an effort to set a resolution for quite a few years now. However, this year will be different! We’ve all heard that line before, but I’m serious this time. I’ve been inspired by Homefront United Networks very own Executive Editor, Amanda Cherry’s article Everyday is a New Year’s Resolution, and decided to take on her five steps in making sure my resolution lasts. And because this is usual the time of the month our resolutions seem to flounder, I thought I would share how I am keeping my promise to myself with these helpful tips.

1. Be specific about change.

Currently I am living in Okinawa, Japan. We moved to the island six months ago, and I have to be honest, it hasn’t been a walk in the park. I’ve used this past six months to unknowingly, and unfortunately, take a break from life. Writing for the Homefront United Network was a major casualty from this break. I created this safe haven of complacency with no routine in life. I became apathetic. Now I’ve realized I need a drastic change. I basically need a wrecking ball to destroy every bad habit of apathy I’ve hidden behind and start over. It is hard to be specific with something as radical as an overhaul to my being, but ultimately I am committing to a new routine for life filled with everything that I need to change. This includes, but not limited to, writing again.

2. Be consistent.

I believe that consistency is the hardest aspect of trying to make a change. Being consistent in regards to your resolution is about turning your goals into habits. I have done this by creating commitments and forcing myself to honor them. I feel as though I may be cheating by covertly enlisting help from other, but making commitments to someone else has helped me be more proactive. The fear of letting anyone down is enough to keep me motivated. To maintain my commitments I’ve created daily routines. Every day has a purpose. By honoring commitments a routine has naturally ensued and is beginning to develop into a vital facet of my life.

3. Be accepting of failure.

We all know that failure is bound to happen. It’s why this time of the month seems to be the time we tend to forget about our resolutions and move on with our lives as usual. No one likes to fail. In fact, many people fear the idea of failing. However, if we accept failure we won’t give up on ourselves.  I constantly struggle with the idea of just pushing something off until the next day. And I blame Netflix and Hulu. Once I get sidetracked with certain distractions, it messes with my routine. It becomes a domino effect for the entire week and then I’m trying to catch up. However, I have accepted that this WILL happen and I will have to make adjustments to my routine constantly, essentially making room for error. As long as I don’t let failure affect my psyche, I won’t let it affect my commitments.

4. Be supported.

My husband is my biggest supporter. His encouragement to keep busy and honor my commitments helps like nothing else could. And again, the act of committing also has its ability to create support. Knowing that those I have made commitments to, whether it is those I work out with or even the executive board of Homefront United Network, helps me feel supported. Their appreciation is enough to keep me going and consistent with my routine.

 5. Be rewarded for changes.

My reward for this change is one that comes naturally. My behavior before I decided to create a routine felt unhealthy and unnatural compared to the person I know I am. My complacent attitude towards life was anything but rewarding. I am rewarded daily by the satisfaction I get from creating something with my time and life. But I think a trip to Thailand is also in order. *wink*

Using these five steps puts my goals in perspective. They keep me focused on the bigger issue, and that’s putting myself back together after spending too much time doing a whole lot of nothing. And with that said, I’m back Homefront United Readers!

Let us hear from you. How are you doing with your resolution? Are these tips helping you stay focus and committed to your goal?


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