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Gifts that Come From the Heart

Gifts that Come From the Heart – Homefront United Network

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When we think of gifts, we often think of Christmas, birthdays or anniversaries. We think about carefully choosing the perfect item and the smile it will bring to the person opening it. Sometimes these gifts are big, sometimes small, expensive, or less costly. Whatever it might be, the general idea is to hand over a physical thing to another person.  But material things are not the only gifts that can be given to others.  There are also spiritual gifts, which have been given to us by God and are etched into our souls.  They are what truly make us who we are, beyond our education, beyond our jobs, and beyond our life experiences.  Our spiritual gifts are the way in which we can give to others that comes solely from our hearts.

If you look up the term “spiritual gifts” online, the result will be a finite list of what churches and religious groups have identified as spiritual gifts based on biblical passages. Although this list touches upon a wide variety of dispositions, I don’t believe that this list encompasses every possible spiritual gift, nor do I believe they have to be biblical in nature to be considered a spiritual gift. To me, spiritual gifts are the essences within our hearts which radiate from us and bring joy to others. Just because what we desire to give is not on a list doesn’t mean it’s not a spiritual gift.

Spiritual gifts can be discovered simply by thinking about what it is you enjoy doing most:

  • Do you desire to donate money or goods or your time to help those who are less fortunate? Your spiritual gift may be serving or giving.
  • Do you desire to start a fellowship group with other military spouses or start a book club with others in your community? Your spiritual gift is leadership.
  • Do you enjoy helping others learn and discover the truth? Your spiritual gift could be that of a teacher.
  • Do you tend to know when someone is having a hard time or might need something without them telling you? Your spiritual gift could be compassion.
  • Do you go out of your way to let those you deeply care about know how much they mean to you? Your spiritual gift is love.

This December, take a few moments to think about what your spiritual gift might be. Make a list of what your heart seems to value the most. Consider what you say or do which brings the most joy to others. You could even take a spiritual gift quiz online to help you narrow down the possibilities. And when you do discover your unique spiritual gift (or gifts), show it to others. Share it with as many people as you can. See for yourself how giving the gifts of the spirit can mean so much more than physical things. An item can get shoved in a drawer and forgotten, but the way you made someone feel will last a lifetime.


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