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Are You Ready for Some Football?! Five Favorite Football Pins

Are You Ready for Some Football?! Five Favorite Football Pins…

Football was a staple in our home from the time I was little girl until now.  We had people over quite often for regular season games, and most especially for the mother of all football games, the Superbowl!  I barely escaped growing up as a Raider’s fan (sorry guys – but after they left Oakland the first time my dad was like, “peace out”), instead for the majority of my life I was raised as a 49ers fan (I cried when we lost the Super Bowl!).

There was one year when my mom and aunt ganged up against my dad.  It was the 1989 Super bowl, the Bengals vs. the 49ers.  Half of my face was painted for the 49ers, the other half for the Bengals.  It was good times, good times people!

Football makes me think of my mom’s chili dip, laughing with friends and dad being too serious.  It’s a time to get together, hang out and have fun.  We haven’t found too many football lovin’ friends here yet to have weekly parties with, especially since moving to Redskins territory; but I’m already planning for the Super Bowl!

Where else would you go but Pinterest for awesome, unique party ideas for any occasion?   While I could have ‘pinned’ about a million ideas, here are my five favorites for the football season.  You can find these, and other great football-related ideas on the HUN’s Pinterest page.

Edible football stadium dip

DIY football banner

Tailgate Inspiration

Football Party (free printables)

Healthy Game Day Eats


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