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Government Shutdown: A Reservist Spouse View


Government Shutdown: A Reservist Spouse View

I’m watching President Obama give a speech about the government shutdown and he’s angry.  He’s raising his voice and is clearly frustrated, so are the American people.  We’re ready for this to stop.  We’re ready for the government to start working again and to resume our normal lives.  This shutdown affects so many and frankly, it’s frightening.

My husband is an Army Reservist and although he works at his base, thankfully he works as a civilian.  He is still going to work every day but the reservists that utilize his computer labs are not present.  The rooms are empty. He sits behind a desk with little to nothing to do and although boring, of course we’re grateful that he’s still working.

Other families are not as lucky.  Drills are being cancelled.  Reservists and their families depend on this extra income.  Their pockets are already shallow and to take away their drill pay is beyond upsetting.  There has been much talk about Congress voting to continue military pay but this only includes active duty.  This will leave a large hole in some family’s monthly income.

It’s a scary and uncomfortable time in our nation’s history. When our government has to pick and choose who they pay and who they don’t.  It’s not something we’re used to and frankly, it makes me angry.  My husband just returned from a deployment in July and he will soon be drilling again.  That extra pay is essential to our income.  I work full time as does he, but that extra money is a factor in our budget, especially during the upcoming holidays.  We will cut back like everyone else and will make it through, but other families may not be so lucky.

I’m tired of seeing our lawmakers bickering on TV.  I’m tired of the speeches.  I’m tired of the TV interviews and appearances.  Stop talking to the camera and start talking to each other!  There has to be a compromise or we will be gridlocked indefinitely.   I’m mad, frustrated and disgusted at their behavior.  They need to think about their actions and how it affects the people that voted them into office.  I pray that each and every American citizen remembers this mess at election time.  Do not forget how this has already affected so many.  If they don’t want to work for us, we will gladly find someone who will.


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