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Hot Topic: Crib at a Restaurant?

Hot Topic: Crib at a Restaurant?

Have you about the Brooklyn, NY couple who wheeled their baby’s crib to a restaurant, parked it next to an outdoor table and had brunch? HUH?!

People with kids can certainly understand about wanting to go out for breakfast, lunch or dinner – getting out of the house. But a crib? What about the stroller or a high chair?

It seems harmless – but what about the customers who complained that their wooden crib took up a large part of the sidewalk to the cafe? What do you think about this?



4 thoughts on “Hot Topic: Crib at a Restaurant?”

  1. this to me is what tends to be wrong with most people these days, they only tend to think of what is best for them. If they had been considerate of other diners, they would have brought a more appropriate way to enjoy their brunch with their child or found a way to leave their child with a babysitter. This is over the top and frankly rude to people walking down the street.

  2. Now, what I see is a million dollar idea. Restaurant tables with crib attachments… Restaurants that specialize in baby friendly… Breast milk restaurants…

  3. We have no idea why they brought a crib. To judge others, as saint or sinner, without knowing the backstory is what is wrong with society. The crib wouldn't bother me. It's definitely odd but I have compassion for other parents who keep their child safe while enjoying peace for themselves. It's outside away from other diners and there's a clear path to walk. It's such a non-issue. 😉

  4. I could not agree more here!!! HOW on Earth does this effect me AT ALL? I am more than sure I would have found it a little odd as I walked by, but to each their own!

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