A Runner’s Pride

On April 15, 2013 our nation experienced the worst terrorist attack on our soil since 9/11. Two young men- brothers- set off two pressure-cooker bombs at the Boston Marathon Patriot Day race leaving three dead and over 150 wounded. Although fear and sadness initially swept through the nation runners across the country have come together to support those affected by this awful tragedy.


Photo Credit: Google Images
Photo Credit: Google Images

I am one of those runners. I belong to a military wives running group known as Stroller Warriors. We meet several times a week to encourage each other in our quest to continue a healthy lifestyle with our children in tow by running as a group.  We also volunteer in the community and we often cheer each other on at races. When we heard of the bombing at the Boston Marathon our hearts broke. Almost every single one of us has been a participant in a race. Almost every single one of us has been a spectator at a race. We could not imagine the paralyzing fear that these innocent people, especially the children, felt when those bombs exploded. We wanted to do something to show our support.

My Stroller Warriors chapter is just one group of many. We can be found at several different military installations across the world. The day after the Boston Marathon, the ladies in my group joined many runners across the world in wearing a race shirt and/or blue and yellow in honor of the victims. After our run, we made cards to be distributed to the local children’s hospitals in Boston for the children who were injured. But our chapter was not the only one that showed their support.

Many other running organizations have set up informal memorial runs for those affected by the Boston Marathon tragedy. People around the world, runners and non-runners, wish to show their support for those who experienced this awful terrorist attack. It is in moments such as this, moments that are tragic and helpless but are then overcome with kindness, support, and strength, that make me proud to be a runner in this country. Maybe one day these terrorists will learn that when you attack our innocent civilians on our soil it will not knock us down for long. We will stand back up, grab the hand of the person next to us, and keep running. And you will never be faster than us.

If you are interested in participating in a memorial run, please check pavementrunner.com to see if there is an organized race near you. If you are interested in other ways to help or donate funds to the families of the victims of the Boston Marathon, please click here.


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