Sifteo Game Cubes Review

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Another great product that I came across at the 2012 BlogHer Expo! When passing by, I was intrigued by the small game cubes that sat on a flat table. I am a lover of word games and immediately starting playing “Word Caravan”, a word game in which letters appear on all cubes and you must quickly move them around to make different words. I was hooked and didn’t want to leave the area! Imagine how excited I was to receive my very own set of Sifteo cubes in the mail, I immediately jumped on my favorite word game. The set came with three cubes and one additional cube to add to the set. I think we have already downloaded 3 new games and it was quite simple to do so. One thing that I love is the ease of traveling with the cubes. They come with a carry case and it easily and safely stores all your cubes, ready for the next time to play. I love this gaming set and it is fun for more than one person to play, even in a group. Go ahead and enter, I know this will be a hit with the family!

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Enter the HUN’S Sifteo Game Cubes review here.


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