Christmas for Two

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Everywhere you look at Christmastime you see family oriented things; specials at local attractions for kids, commercials for the hottest toys of the season, etc. Our society in general is fairly kid oriented. You get married and within a short amount of time people are asking when you are going to have a baby. Around the holidays, this child oriented society goes into overdrive. Stores focus on what people are buying for their kids and/or what Santa is bringing. But, what about those couples without kids? Is it possible for Christmas to be special just for two?

The answer is, YES! Christmas doesn’t have to include kids for it to be fun and magical. My husband and I have been married for ten years. We don’t have kids, but Christmas in our house is still a special time. Part of this could be because deep down we are still childlike ourselves. But, it is also because from the beginning we have forced ourselves to create traditions and make the holiday special for ourselves. It is possible to have an amazing and fun filled Christmas, even with just the two of you.

The first thing my husband and I do is we decorate! We start on Thanksgiving Day and we go all out. We have lights, we have garland, and we have holly and mistletoe and more. We make our house a Christmas wonderland. We actually have two separate themes and we switch off each year. One year we do navy blue, silver, and snowflakes. The next year we do red, white, and Santa. We have a big tree that is the focal point of our living room from Thanksgiving to New Years.

Next, we also get out into our community. Even without kids, the events your town puts on can be so much fun! Go see Santa. Drive around and look at the lights on the houses, like you did when you were a kid. If there is snow where you are, build a snowman or make a snow angel. Go walk around the mall just listen to carols and look at the decorations. There is no reason to stay home just because you are child free.

Lastly, we have created our own traditions. We have combined things from his childhood, ones from mine and we have also made our own over the years. We bake Christmas cookies and take them to his unit every Christmas Eve. No matter where we are or what type of unit he is at, we take cookies to the men and women who are standing Christmas duty. We make a huge feast Christmas night. And we invite people from his unit over who don’t have families to celebrate with. Opening our doors for the holidays is a small thing that can mean so much for those who are away from their friends and families. These are just a couple of traditions we have adopted into our Christmas. What can you do to make yours special for just the two of you?


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  1. Its just as well for my husband and I. I definitely agree that during this time of year everything is family oriented. Its not a bad thing, however there are those couples who (a) can’t have kids (b) have chosen not to have kids and many other options/issues. I feel like sometimes we get left out because we don’t have kids and I don’t think it should be that way.
    Like you, we are such little kids when it comes to decorating and watching movies (currently in my “Christmas movies to watch” is the original “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Frosty the Snowman”).
    Thank you for this article, because it helps realizing that not having kids is not that bad and you can create you own traditions.

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