A Day Like No Other

The birds sing cheerily,

Families enjoy morning activities,

Clear blue skies overhead.

Crisp clean air to breathe.

A perfect September day

A day so much like another.


Yet on that day,

All creatures became quiet,

Except the cries of the hearts.

The clear skies darkened,

The air filled with ash and debris,

A day that became like no other.


Planes crashed, buildings crumbled,

Fields burned, terror reigned.

Lives lost, families destroyed.

Dreams shattered,

The day time seemed to stop

As Americans clung to one another.


Families drew close, neighbors united.

The unlikely became heroes,

Politicians prayed, hands were held

Resolve was born.

America’s patriotism  resurfaced

On the day that became like no other.


The red, white and blue proudly displayed

Flags billowed freely,

The National Anthem rang out

Heroes were honored,

The military stood prepared,

The day we united together.


The courage, honor, hope, loyalty,

And pride of our Country has endured.

It’s in every freedom we have,

Because we’ve fought to be strong,

Determined to move forward,

Since that day we all remember.


In Honor of 09/11/01.


2 thoughts on “A Day Like No Other”

  1. Kathy – what is such a hard day to put into words you have gracefully done so with this poem. God bless and thank you!

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