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One of the best things families can do for a deployed service member is to send a care package. A care package makes us feel like we are doing something for our loved ones, and they in return get a little piece of home in a box. Whether that box contains snacks, deodorant, socks, books, games, pictures, or love letters doesn’t seem to matter. All that matters is that they get something, anything to make them feel a little closer to home.

If you’re like me, however, it’s hard to come up with what to put inside a care package. With these wars coming up on ten years, service members often get what they need from PXs on base. You want each care package to be special, but sometimes you hit a rut and don’t know how to make beef jerky and an extra large pack of gum look exciting.

That’s where Miss Your Voice can help. Miss Your Voice is a care packaging service that specializes in making regular care packages look amazing. The owner, creator, and care package connoisseur, Amanda, is an Air Force wife who has been working feverishly over the past 3 years to send as many handmade care packages to the deployed. She has single-handedly created over 1200 care packages for troops.

When Amanda offered to send a package to a deployed HUN spouse, I volunteered mine. My husband loves care packages, just knowing that someone is thinking of him, oftentimes he’ll give the contents away to his Marines. So I happily volunteered my husband as a guinea pig. That’s what wives are for, right?

I browsed Amanda’s website, knowing she had different “themes” for each package, I wanted one that would best suit my husband. Her site was a bit difficult to navigate and I had a hard time finding pictures of the packages. I discovered that clicking on the words “Place an Order” rather than looking at the options in the automatic drop down section was easier. Discovering that made it a piece of cake!

I looked through all the options. The pictures are small and it was hard to see the exact details even after clicking to enlarge. Amanda said that her Facebook page had better views, check out her page here.

I was simply amazed at the number of options Miss Your Voice gives you. Every holiday and special occasion you can think of from Christmas to St. Patrick’s Day to “It’s a Boy/Girl!” is available, packages for promotions, birthdays, and favorite football teams. She also offers packages such as “Thank You”, “Things I Miss”, and “You Make Me Proud.” She has an option of adding a Rosary, free of charge. And depending on the option you chose, she will also customize it with the appropriate military branch of service.

I finally chose the small “Fourth of July” package for my husband, it’s his favorite holiday! (you can chose small or large, prices range from $10- $43.00 for the small and $53.00 for the large, which includes shipping). When placing your order, Miss Your Voice requires detailed forms to specialize the contents of your care package. Options like uploading personal pictures and notes personalize your package, Amanda even has you list food allergies, which I thought was very thoughtful!

There are three options for snacks: sweet, salty, or a mix. I chose a mix of sweet and salty. Below is a picture of what Amanda included in the package:

What can be confusing is that you are required to pay (via Paypal or a major credit card) before filling out the order form. Communication with Amanda is great, she lets you know it’s been received and emails you the UPS tracking number. She sent me pictures of the finished product, it’s amazing! Knowing my husband, the contents wouldn’t matter- it was the photos and personal mementos he’d cherish. Below is a picture of my customized Fourth of July care package:

 My husband received the package, on the 4th of July. I was tempted to take complete credit for putting joy in his heart and a huge smile on his face, but Miss Your Voice got their due. Even without a loved one deployed you can still send a Miss Your Voice package.  Amanda offers packages for any deployed military members, linked under “Mail Requests” on her website.

Miss Your Voice is definitely a company that I would use in the future, order your customizable care package from Miss Your Voice today! Leave us a comment below to tell us how much your service member liked their package! Thank you again to Amanda at Miss Your Voice for helping send smiles to our troops overseas, particularly my husband!

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  1. What an amazing service! I received a few care packages while I was downrange, and none of them looked like that! I will certainly remember the site and spread the word. Thanks, Lauren!

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