The Dad, A Poem

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From birth he watched him grow and develop.

Showing patience, authority, love and joy.

Sharing life’s many ups and downs,

With his innocent child, his own little boy.


As each year passed they became closer,

With similar tastes, interests and hobbies.

Time spent together taught them

About each other’s personalities.


The child became a strong young man,

Having dreams and ambitions of his own.

Fulfilling his dad’s desire for him

To be true to himself when grown.


The son chose to put his life on hold,

To follow his heart and serve his country.

Not an easy choice in a time of war,

But a decision he made whole-heartedly.


Through thoughtful observation and time,

His dad’s pride and amazement grew,

While witnessing a determined young man,

Doing what he couldn’t imagine choosing to do.


After months of intense training, the time came,

For the young man, once his infant son,

To leave and take his role in a dangerous war

The uneasiness and fears had truly begun.


Though the days and months seemed to pass,

With the daily routine and regularity,

At odd moments his thoughts would roam,

To his son, the war, and his immediate safety.


Not much was shared aloud with others,

Because very few ever bothered to question

If the dad with a child in harm’s way

Experiences the turmoil of mixed emotion.


For months the unknowns became part of life,

For the son at war, as well as the father.

Though they were thousands of miles apart,

In their hearts they were experiencing life together.





Now that the son has returned to civilian life,

Knowledge, humor, advice, and encouragement,

Are shared back and forth between the two,

Resumed as before the son’s strenuous enlistment.


Daily the son will continue to adjust to change,

Having questions about life’s unknowns.

But as long as his dad, his mentor, is available

He’ll never be a man out there going at it alone.


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