Yes, You’re “Mom Enough”

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 As I sit down to write this article, it’s been a week since the controversial TIME magazine was released. No doubt you’ve already seen the cover, but to refresh your memories, it features a mother standing up next to her three-year-old son on a stool, his mouth to her breast. In big bold letters it asks, “Are you Mom Enough?”

Of course, this cover was designed to boil our blood, to get us talking, and ultimately, to sell magazines. And yes, the main point of the article is to examine attachment parenting and how some parents take it to the “extreme,” but really, the author is preying on the so-called Mommy Wars.

Come on, everyone, why are we at war with one another on our parenting choices and styles? Once you have a child you realize that there really isn’t one right way to raise them. As every parent is different, so is every child, and every living situation is not the same as the other. What works or doesn’t work for my daughter could be the opposite for your child. Do I care? No! Do what feels right!

Parenting has become such a hot topic these days because in one way or another, everyone is connected to it. Even if you don’t have kids, you have parents and they raised you in a certain way. Everyone has his or her opinion on the matter. Heck, I had my own opinion even before I had my own baby! I’m sure you’ve probably started a sentence with “Well, MY mom/dad did this…” and proceeded to offer your advice. Hey, we’re human; we like to help each other. It’s only natural.

What isn’t natural is this fabricated “war” that us moms (and dads!) have against one another. Like I said earlier, what works for one family might not work for the other. There are so many options when raising a child.

In the end, every parent out there is just trying to do the best for their child. Isn’t that all we ever want, for our children to grow up healthy, happy, strong, and self-reliant? Don’t we want them to grow up to be functioning adults? I don’t think that breastfeeding your child past a year, or co-sleeping, or baby-wearing, or not doing any of that, affects them so greatly that they can’t function in their adult years.

So let’s stop attacking each other for our choices and embrace each other in this crazy parenting world where we really just need a helping hand and kind words sometimes. We’re just trying to do the best we can, and that’s all our children can ever ask for.


2 thoughts on “Yes, You’re “Mom Enough””

  1. There’s always a line though, isn’t there?
    Perhaps it’s better to say, make new lines.
    I’ve always been uncomfortable with the phrase, do what feels right, implying that there is no wrong. But we all know that’s not exactly true.

    In any case, I agree with you. There are too many varieties of good parenting to bicker over them. 🙂

  2. The truth is that not every parent is trying to do the best for their child. I think your stance is absolutely correct, most of the time and I do agree that it is better to support each other’s parenting differences than to criticize. However, some parents do not take care of their kids, or make unhealthy, poor decisions that harm their kids. That is a fact, unfortunately. Does that mean that breastfeeding “too long” or so-called attachment parenting is one of these detrimental parenting techniques? Probably not. Does that mean sitting back and criticizing them is the appropriate course? No. But what is? Sometimes, speaking up and creating awareness can help deal with issues that are hurting children. That is certainly something that “feels right” to me!

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