Turn Your House into Your Home

Photo Credit: Mandy Baker

The saying goes, “Home is where the (insert your branch here) sends us.” This is true, but when you move every few years, how do you turn each new house into a home? Everyone has their own way of solving this dilemma, these are just a few ways I have found to turn a house into a home.

The very first thing I do in a new house is unpack the kitchen. I am a believer in the old saying, “The kitchen is the heart of the home.” So much happens in the kitchen. It is one room in the house that can bring people together. For me, having my kitchen in order is the first step in making a house into a home.

The second step for me is to hang pictures. Getting our pictures up on the wall makes the new house feel like ours’. Putting out the pictures of our family and friends brings a comfort level to a house. Making a house comfortable is a big part of turning it into a home. Moving as much as we do is never easy. But, if you have a mindset that each place is temporary, it will be harder on you and your family.

Your spouse has a lot going on when they report to a new unit. If you can have the mindset, that this new place may be temporary, but its home, you can make the transition easier on everyone. The best thing you can do is believe a new place is home, and make it feel that way for yourself and your family. Find what makes a house a home for you, and do it! Your life as a military spouse will be a little bit easier if you do!


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