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Book Review: Faith of our Sons, A Father’s Wartime Diary

Photo Credit: Faith of Our Sons

After reading Frank’s first book, Keeping Faith: A Father-Son Story About Love and the United States Marine Corps  I was excited when I learned he had written a second book that was geared toward the parents waiting at home while their children were deployed.

In this book Frank once again shares very personal thoughts and emails that are exchanged between him and his son, John. He is open and honest about his emotions that fluctuate from pride to fear, and joy to anger.

However, the aspect of this book that adds a different dimension and causes it to resonate with Blue Star Parents is that he’s included the stories of many other parents as well as his own. The emotions, experiences, and thoughts shared in this book could’ve been written by any parent with a child deployed, because they are the emotions, experiences and thoughts of all parents living that life of uncertainties.

Through the emails to and from his son, and letters from other parents, an accurate account is portrayed of what it’s like to wait at home wondering when the next phone call will come, if your child is eating or sleeping well, if they’re warm enough or getting enough water in the desert heat, or if they’ll be okay when they return.

Even though this book was written in 2003, it’s relevance for Blue Star families, has not diminished.  Anyone with a child in the military enduring a deployment or facing an upcoming deployment will be encouraged by reading it because it’s a written reminder that they aren’t alone in their struggles. That thousands of other Blue Star parents are riding the same roller coaster of emotional uncertainties daily and there is definitely strength in numbers.

I would also recommend this book for families, friends, neighbors and military spouses because it will help all of them understand the strength it takes for parents to wait at home knowing the child they love with all their heart is in harm’s way and they can’t protect them.


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