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An Unspeakable Act

The news rings out across the small town, “People are found dead…Murdered.” Life in that small town changes forever. Where once front doors were left unlocked, deadbolts click into place. Where once keys were left in cars, the beep of alarms can be heard.

When details emerge and people find out that was Coastguardsmen that were killed, the news spreads. All of a sudden it is not just one small town that is affected; the entire close knit community of the Coast Guard is shaken. How could this happen to our own? Why? Who?

A million questions run through everyone’s heads. Everyone is affected; everyone is saddened.

Those who live or have lived in that small town had always felt safe there. Will it ever be the same again? This happened at a secure Coast Guard facility. Could it have been one of our own? What must those families be going through now?

The world within the Coast Guard has been shaken by the death of its own once again. But, this time it is different. This time their lives were not lost serving the mission of the Coast Guard. This time their lives were taken from them, and possibly by one of their own. How could this happen? Why would someone do this?

As the Coast Guard community awaits the answers to these questions, thoughts and prayers go out to the families of those lost. Hope goes out that justice will be served and that the town will one day feel safe again. Fair winds and following seas and may your souls find peace.


2 thoughts on “An Unspeakable Act”

  1. Such a terrible tragedy. I just hope they can find the person who did this, bring them to justice and that all that loved these Coasties will find peace.

  2. RIP Jim and Richard….my heart goes out to their families. My husband has been flying up there and working with those guys on a regular basis. He is an Army Space Officer. He had only just left that very building Thursday…this all struck too close to home and we live in NM.

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