New Year’s Resolutions

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Usually, going to the gym is a positive experience for me. Tonight it wasn’t. The parking lot was full, there were no hooks to hang my coat on, it took ten minutes to get into the changing room, and ALL of my favorite machines were occupied. I thought:

“What’s going on? Are they giving out free memberships? Did everyone finally come to their collective senses and realize that exercise isn’t optional? IS RYAN GOSLING IN TOWN?”  

Then it hit me. New Year’s Eve is this weekend. People are obviously getting a jump start on their resolutions. Unfortunately, it’s the same people, year after year, after year…with the best intentions…only to fall off the wagon after a couple of weeks.

I asked the gym manager, “its happening again, isn’t it?”  She replied, “Yep, we get a rush this time every year, it dies down after about three weeks.”

That’s too bad.  Realize that it takes three to four weeks to create a habit.  That means that most people give up just before they’re about to take off!

New Year’s Resolutions shouldn’t be taken lightly.  Don’t make them because you feel you have to or because everyone else does.  They should be conscious efforts to truly improve yourself. 

And since most resolutions involve changing your lifestyle, I propose that we do away with “New Year” resolutions, and make them “Lifestyle” resolutions.

That way they are on your mind all year long, and not just when it’s a “New Year.”

(This goes for exercise, dietary modifications, quitting smoking, etc.)

SIDE NOTE:  To all of the same old faces that show up at the gym during December and January year after year after year, only to disappear come February, let’s make a deal.  

I’ll gladly circle the lot for an open space, throw my coat in a corner, read a fitness magazine until a changing room opens up, and wait until you’re done with the equipment you’re using, if it means you’re committed to TRULY changing your lifestyle, not just going through the motions.

Homefront United Network readers, INSPIRE US! Share some of the “lifestyle” resolutions you’ve made and followed through with in the comments section below. We’d LOVE to hear them!


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