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Holiday Memories

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This holiday season I’m going to let my husband have his way.  He can decorate anyway he wants, cook anything he wants and I will probably get him whatever he wants on his Christmas list.  Normally I am a control freak and will do nearly everything my way.  But as I was reflecting on the upcoming holidays I realized that my husband will probably not be home next year.  He will be deployed so I must make this holiday season memorable and wonderful for him.  He always enjoys himself during the holidays, but this year I want to make it extra special. 

If he wants all white lights, he will get all white lights.  I prefer colored lights and he hates almost all of my decorations.  That’s ok.  We can put up whatever he wants.  If he wants to cook the turkey this Christmas, he can cook the turkey.  He loves to cook but I normally do it.  He’s wanted to cook the entire meal himself since we met, this year he will get his wish.  I’m not going to impose my will on anything.  Next year I will be able to do anything I want and will probably cry every single day because of it.  This year is all about him and his wants.  I will buy him the silly soda making machine that he saw at Best Buy.  I will buy him yet another video game of his choice.  This is not a time for me to be selfish and although you may say these are all family decisions, next year he won’t get that luxury.            

So this Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years is all about him.  I will go out of my way to make this year special.  I don’t think this is unreasonable.  In fact, I think it’s pretty much necessary.  I love my husband and would do anything for him.  Giving him whatever he wants this holiday season is the least I can do for his many sacrifices for our family and this country. 

This year several of my friends’ husbands are deployed and will miss the holidays with their family.  I’ve been there.  I understand what they’re going through and next year, I’ll be going through it yet again.  So ladies (and gentlemen) if your Solider is home this year, make it special.  Keep them close, hug their neck, buy them that silly Christmas gift that they can’t live without and kiss them often under the mistletoe.  Take nothing for granted and have yourself the best holiday yet.


4 thoughts on “Holiday Memories”

  1. As military wives we all understand what it is like to not have that most special someone with us during the holidays! It never gets easier, and it makes it all the more important to cherish the years we do have them with us. I like what you are doing for your husband this year…I have to say it made me think though… Making a year before a deployment special is such a great thing to do…but what about the years that aren’t shadowed by a deployment, are all those little things really that important? Isn’t every year we share with our loved ones (especially military families) just as important? Shouldn’t the time together be more important than what decorations are put up or what is made for dinner or what gifts are bought? Not to take anything away from your year with your husband…but just makes me think that we shouldn’t take advantage of anytime we have with our spouses!

  2. I know these things seem very minor (and they are) and I don’t want the fact to get lost that I appreciate my husband ALL of the time, not just when he’s getting deployed…but I just thought this year since he is going to be gone next year that there are little things that I can do to make him have an extra memorable holiday season this year. 🙂 As a military wife, I cherish all my time with him and know that at any given moment, he could be called to duty. This article was just a thought that I had to show a little extra appreciation to him. I LOVE the holidays and he knows that and usually just let’s me do my thing with it, but this year, this is just a little something I can do to show my love even more. God Bless all you military families this holiday season!

  3. How wonderful of you!!

    We are (for the first time since we have known eachother) doing Christmas with just us. We aren’t going to either of our homes. One family is understanding the other is mad as hell but this year I want Christmas morning to be just for our small family. We alone want to see our boys’ faces when they see the gifts under the tree. It’s selfish to some and I get that. But we didn’t have last Christmas and the next isn’t promised. I want to have these memories to carry over for the next Christmas that he isn’t here for.

    I get it. I totally get it. Merry Christmas!

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