Keep Calm and Carry On – Put it to Use

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One thing I look forward to everyday is having my husband walk through the front door, remove his cover as if to unwind, and allow me to welcome him home with a kiss. I love to be the comfort my husband seeks after a long day at work. And I try my best to be the positive essence he needs after being fully engrossed with tasks all day. However, learning to keep positive is something that I have been working on since we moved to his current duty station. 

Now our experience so far with the military has been, for the most part, enjoyable. And my husband and I are extremely lucky and happy with where we are right now. But of course we all know the military can test anyone’s patients. While it is your family that is being tested it can be hard to keep a positive perspective on some of those inconvenient situations. When these situations do emerge, I need to be the person that proves that everything will be fine. “Keep calm and carry on,” right? Now there are times where I let the pressure of being that perfect support system get to me. It’s hard to watch as hairy situations arise and try to keep a calm head through it all. There are times I just want to throw my hands up in the air and have my own personal mini pity party. But knowing that my husband looks to me for comfort, I know that throwing a fit would only make things worse for the both of us.

While our time together with the military has been short thus far, we have had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with some unpleasant circumstances. I have learned that when dealing with these situations it is best to just listen to my husband. Allowing him to speak freely helps him manage on his own. I have found that most times all he needs is someone to talk with. Staying calm is my job. Along with showing him that most of the inconvenient situations we are put in are not so bad. Doing this I find that both of us are settled, and what could have been a big deal is no longer an issue at all. We have learned to put that famous saying, “keep calm and carry on” to good use.

Now I can’t take all of the credit. There are plenty of times in our marriage where I become the one who gets frustrated, and my husband is left to calm and reassure me. However, when it’s my husband that is seeking comfort it is my turn to become the positive, calm force. But even then I am sure my husband’s patience has a lot to do with my ability to stay calm. He makes it easy.

So each day while I watch my husband walk through the front door and unwind, I can’t help but anticipate hearing about his work day. Lucky most evenings I feel he is just excited to be home, and to spend the rest of the night relaxing with his wife. But realizing that he looks to me for comfort if he has a long and grueling day feels nice. And knowing if things were ever to get rough, we are able to “keep calm and carry on” together.


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