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Homeschooling (Part 2)

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I am not an expert in homeschooling. I am learning what works for our family as we go. I have come across a variety of resources since starting my research to educate my children. My husband and I haven’t decided if we will homeschool beyond my son’s preschool stage. What I am realizing since we’ve started this journey is that our two year old thoroughly enjoys doing “school work” alongside her big brother.

If you are thinking about starting your homeschooling journey, you need to check with your state on the requirements you and your children need to meet legally. If you are overseas, it is best you check with the school on post as to what you need to do.

I have come across so many resources for young children (mostly preschool, since that is what is appropriate for my children) and quite a few of them are free. Here is a list of resources I have compiled so far. I encourage you to list your own resources in the comments section if you are a homeschooling family. (Handwriting Without Tears)

I hope you have found my list of resources helpful, and even if you aren’t planning on homeschooling, there are still a ton of free printable and craft ideas to do with your kids.


2 thoughts on “Homeschooling (Part 2)”

  1. I would highly recommend homeschooling! I did it for 8 years with two of my boys. It was THE BEST decision I ever made. I stopped teaching other people’s kids and started teaching my own. I got to see the light bulbs go on. We got involved in co-ops so they got the socialization skills they needed. We got to travel and turn lots of trips into educational field trips across the US, and most important, I was able to build and nurture my relationship with them. I did send them to high school. I figured they needed to learn how to get out in the world before they left for college. They were far ahead of the other students because they had one on one instruction for so many years. They adjusted well to high school, and one of them has already graduated and is doing well in his second year of college. The best part – I’ve got a great relationship with my kids and they are very thankful that I took the time to be their teacher for all those years. If you are in a position where you can stay home and teach your kids, do it! Do know, however, that it is a full time job and it will take up most of your time. Don’t try to take it on if you have a full time job and several kids in your family.

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