Book Review: Faith Deployed…Again

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I hadn’t read the original Faith Deployed book, but had heard many great things about it. So when I had the chance to read the brand new Faith Deployed…Again, I jumped at it.

Written by Jocelyn Green, the book features devotions both from the author and 28 other military-affiliated contributors (including some from the Homefront United Network team). I was thankful for a book with such a targeted audience- obviously, having a significant other overseas is something that not every women can relate to, and this book speaks to military wives with an understanding that no other devotion could. It focuses on many things- deployment, PCSing, managing the home and family, and much more- but all from the unique perspective of Christian military life.

The book features a Bible verse, a short anecdote and application, and a small, closing prayer for every day. It is a perfect length to read when time is short, but long enough to have depth and meaning to apply in real life.

Faith Deployed…Again was such a worthwhile read. I would definitely recommend it to all women who love someone in the military.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review: Faith Deployed…Again”

  1. I loved the first Faith Deployed book and I cannot wait to read this one! It had so many good words of wisdom and encouragment! Glad to hear your review – I will definitely be picking up a copy soon!

  2. As a Blue Star Mom I was honored to be a contributor to this book and I want to encourage to read this book. It isn’t just for military wives, most of the devotionals can be related to the life of any woman with a loved one in the military.

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