Edelweiss Lodge and Resort

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About an hour train ride from Munich and a 20 minute drive from the German-Austrian border lies a very quaint Bavarian town called Garmisch. Near the German-Austrian border, it also borders the European Alps. In the winter, Garmisch is surrounded by white covered mountains and snow sport enthusiasts flock, mainly from nearby Munich, trying to get as much time as possible on the mountains. During the summer months, hikers and mountaineers swarm the town to find some peace and quiet. Garmsich is also home to a small section of the US Army, which houses the Edelweiss Lodge and Resort.

Edelweiss Lodge and Resort accommodates many Military, DoD and other related guests coming to this area of Germany. The resorts architecture follows that of a typical Bavarian house, though larger. As you walk into the resort, you are welcomed by an enormous fireplace, which is surrounded by many sofas and rocking chairs, and hotels employees, most of which are college students from the US. There are two types of accommodations at Edelweiss: “Sleep under the Stars” or “Room with a View”. “Sleep under the Stars”, as the hotel refers to it, are cabins, varying in size and price, located away from the hotel, but on the resorts property. “Room with a View” is exactly as it says. All rooms have a view of the mountain or the town because of how the resort is constructed. Again, these rooms all vary in sizes and prices.

For dining, you can venture out to Garmisch or enjoy some of the restaurants within the resort. There is “Pullman Place,” which is designed for elegant and private dining. You also have “Market Station,” which is a buffet. Finally, you have “Zuggy’s Base Camp,” which I highly recommend. It’s a crossover between Applebee’s and T.G.I.Friday’s and on game nights they pull down the big screens! There is also a small type of snack bar, “The Point”.

The resort offers tours, recreation programs and programs just for kids. Childcare is also available if you call in advance. The hotel also owns a section near the mountain where you can rents your skis or snowboards, clothing for the snow, take classes, purchase lift tickets and much more, during the winter months.

There is also a gift shop, arcade center and ATM (where you can withdraw cash in Dollars) in the lobby of the resort. The hotel also helps arrange transportation if you need to travel to the train station, mountains or into town.

You may also want to venture to the Commissary or the PX on base, but be warned that both places are tiny and may be limited to some items. Do not hesitate to go into town to do your shopping, as many people stationed there do so.

On Edelweiss’ website it offers you a lot of information on how to get to the resort (via car, train or plane), how to book your trip and other helpful information.

I recommend that if you are in the southern part of Germany or even in Austria to take a trip to Garmisch to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.



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