Pregnancy In The Military- Part Two – First Appointments

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My first appointment wasn’t necessarily an appointment, it was just my first pregnancy visit to the doctor’s. Having taken a pregnancy test the night before and gotten a positive, I woke early the morning of my birthday to take another test. When I received another positive I was in the waiting room at the clinic to get a blood test – I just had to be sure!

The nurse ran through some paperwork with me, handing me a list of do’s and don’ts, all the while I shook in my chair. Later, as she strapped the blood pressure cuff around my arm, I laughed nervously.

“It’ll probably be high, I have such bad anxiety right now.”

“Why’s that?” she asked. I wanted to laugh again but I bit my tongue.

“Well, this whole situation…” I waved my hand, taking in the entire suddenly-I’m-pregnant-and-it-makes-me-panic thing.

I had nothing to worry about, though; my blood pressure was still nice and healthy. Then she directed me down the hallway to the lab to get my blood test. Yikes. I told her I was a bit nervous about this part, considering the last several times I got blood drawn, I passed out. I definitely didn’t want to spend my birthday in the hospital!

Thankfully, I managed to get out of there unscathed, if not a bit wobbly. Back at home I eagerly awaited the results while simultaneously attempting to take my mind off the whole idea. I worked out, I cleaned the house, I chatted with a friend who came over, and I even walked my dog. Then there it was, the phone call: Congrats, you’re pregnant!

Earlier in the day when the nurse had given me all that paperwork, there was a phone number I had to call to schedule my first real appointment. I dialed it up, pacing back and forth in my house as my dog chased me.

“Hi, I need to make an appointment. I’m, um, pregnant,” I said, once they answered. Why is it so weird to say that?

I knew my first appointment would be the registration appointment, where they just go over even more paperwork and hand me a bunch of pamphlets. Lucky for me, I was one of the last of my friends to have a baby. Being surrounded by a bunch of kids helped me learn one thing: The ins-and-outs of pregnancy on Tricare Prime.

I was surprised to find out that they wouldn’t even see me for a couple weeks. I was ready to go right away! Unfortunately, since I found out I was pregnant so early (I was a couple days shy of 4 weeks), I had to wait until I was 6 weeks for that registration appointment.

I eagerly waited for the day and arrived early for my appointment. The registration appointment went well and the nurse who helped me was impressed by my knowledge of the whole system. Of course, I reassured her, I have tons of friends who have babiesm including one who just had her second a month before. I knew what to expect. Right?

That was, until she informed me that my next appointment wouldn’t be until I was 12 weeks along. What? That was six weeks from my registration appointment. Even my friends were surprised when they found out. We were all expecting an appointment at 8 or 10 weeks, not 12. The first surprise of many, I’m sure!

As fate would have it, my 12-week appointment, my first real appointment, fell on the morning of my anniversary! Seeing as my husband was still deployed, I wasn’t too worried about it. I was just excited to finally have an appointment after waiting for so long. Yep, you guessed it, I like going to the doctors.

The appointment went well. Everything was right on track and I was still very healthy. I was most excited to finally be able to hear the heart beat. I took my phone out and put it on the voice recorder so I could send the information to my husband, since he couldn’t be there. The nurse, learning that he was deployed, gave me a little surprise after we heard the heart beat.

“Do you have video on there too?” she asked.

“Yeah,” I said.

She pulled over the ultrasound machine and gave me a smile.

“Let’s send something to your husband since he couldn’t be here.”

The machine beeped on and suddenly, there it was, our baby. I was amazed to see it just bouncing around in there. The baby had both arms and both legs, a little body and a big head. It was the best surprise since I wasn’t supposed to have an ultrasound until 20 weeks. It was amazing to be able to see our baby alive and well, and my husband loved the chance to see the ultrasound. I guess waiting for that first appointment wasn’t so bad after all.


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  1. That’s so great that they made something for your husband! I don’t know why, but I always feel very weird telling the doctor that we’re trying to have a baby! I can’t wait to read Part Three!

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