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Military Wives vs. Military Girlfriends Episode 1

What do you with your time when your military man is away? How self-motivated are you to improve yourself, with the time alone that you have? Check out this personality
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1 thought on “Military Wives vs. Military Girlfriends Episode 1”

  1. As a military brat yourself, I’m sure you can appreciate the difference in experiences between being a child and a wife of a service member. Similarly, the girlfriend experience is different. I don’t want to diminish their loyalty, fear, pride, and anguish they endure, because it’s the same emotions spouses go through as well loving a military man and because of that we should support each other, however, there are differences. Most of the things that divide military wives and girlfriends are the “privileges” given to spouses – commissary, medical, px, base housing, etc. – are set up to protect both the spouse and the service member, as well as the branch of service at large. As a girlfriend, those privileges and protections haven’t been granted to them yet, and they won’t be until they marry their service member.

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