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50 States 50 Recipes Wisconsin

Playin’ catch up  ya’ll on our tour, so here’s another one we missed!

Our next stop on the 50 states, 50 recipes tour is;

Wisconsin: http://www.50states.com/wisconsi.htm

State capital: Madison

Largest City: Milwaukee

Admission to the Union: May 29, 1848 becoming the 30th state


Wisconsin produces about a quarter of America’s cheese, leading the nation in cheese production. It is second in milk production, after California, and second in per-capita milk production, behind Vermont. The state ranks first nationally in the production of corn for silage, cranberries, ginseng, and snap beans for processing. Wisconsin is also a leading producer of oats, potatoes, carrots, tart cherries, maple syrup, and sweet corn for processing. The historical importance of the state’s agricultural production was exemplified by the depiction of a Holstein cow, an ear of corn, and a wheel of cheese for Wisconsin’s 50 States’ Quarters design. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wisconsin)

Ya’ll I had cousins that lived in Wisconsin for a few years so I’ve actually visited the state, it’s quaint and peaceful;





My memories of Wisconsin are all tied to my crazy family ya’ll!  I remember headin’ up there in the summers to visit cousins and bein’ awestruck by the scenery.  When yer from the South and you don’t often see mountains… the hills and bluffs of Wisconsin are spectacular.  If ya’ll like campin’, fishin’ and huntin’ – the three things all Rednecks live for- you’ll love Wisconsin!  On the border of Canada and the Great Lakes you’ll find outdoor activities for everyone!  And the thing you’ll find the most of is cheese shops!  Wisconsin is not for the lactose intolerant like myself ya’ll!  But it is the place I had my first chance to milk a cow!  I’ll never forget Wisconsin! So it seems fittin’ that we’d have Wisconsin cheese soup for this week’s recipe!

1 medium onion 

1 medium green pepper

1/2 lb bacon

1/4th cup flour

2 cups chicken broth

2 cups milk

1 teaspoon dry mustard

1 teaspoon Frank’s Red Hot

coarse black pepper

1/2 of a large brick Velvetta cheese


Using scissors, cut semi-frozen bacon into small pieces. Brown until crispy. Remove with a slotted spoon onto paper towel.

Cook onion and green pepper in bacon grease untill crispy tender. Add flour and cook for 1 minute.

Slowly pour in chicken broth, milk and remaining ingredients. Simmer on low.

Serve with Crusty Bread. Fresh uncooked broccoli pieces may be added, if desired.

Submitted by: Kristine Wesley

ingredients for Wisconsin Cheese Soup ala SGM Martha
fry bacon
fry onions and green pepper in bacon grease
thicken with flour
add spices, chicken broth, milk and Velveeta cheese

serve with crusty bread or fresh broccoli


SGM Martha has spent some time at Ft. McCoy in Wisconsin, and one of his favorite local dishes is Wisconsin Cheese soup.  So SGM Martha prepared this recipe ya’ll- nothing sexier than a man making soup in my kitchen!  Bless his heart!


We had all the ingredients in the cupboard.  And since I’m lactose intolerant we keep Velveeta on hand.  SGM Martha left out the Fred’s Hot Sauce, but added a little chili powder instead.  It turned out better than expected.


I wish I could tell ya’ll how easy this was to make, but I don’t know!  SGM Martha banned me from the kitchen and would only allow me in to photograph his progress.  It isn’t that he doesn’t know how to cook- he can grill with the masters and makes a great waffle, but this soup was new to both of us!   I think I’ve found a hidden talent after 20 years of marriage!


Review: scale of 1-5 stars; the more stars the better

Ease of preparation: ***** since SGM Martha doesn’t cook, this was easy enough for anyone

Cost of ingredients: ***** had everything in the cupboard!

Taste: ***** everyone ate this, the kids, the firefighters and me!  When they found out SGM Martha made it they all asked for the recipe!

Nutrition: **** with all the dairy involved it might not be great for everyone, but with a few adjustments it was delicious and nutritious!


Wisconsin will aways be a state I love ya’ll!  And if my family was still there I’d have them send me some of that great cheese!  And if ya’ll are the outdoorsy types, it’s a great place for all those outdoor activities!   So until next week when we head to Illinois, May all your journeys be safe and your eats be good!



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  1. anything with bacon and Velveeta cheese in it can’t be bad! Can’t wait to try this…

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