Book Review: Life After Deployment

Life After Deployment: By Karen M. Pavlicin

Remember when you spent months planning your wedding? Trying to cover all the problems before they occur? Then when the honeymoon is over, you realize that you may have had the perfect wedding day, but you realize you didn’t plan for the marriage like you should’ve.

To me deployments are like that. We plan for them, do what we can do get through them, and then just assume that life afterwards will smoothly fall into place.  Just like engaged couples need to plan for the marriage after the wedding, military families need to plan for reintegration after the deployment. 

This 2nd book by Karen Pavlicin does just that. It helps you to prepare for life after deployment while still going through it, or if like a marriage you realize you thought about this a little late and your loved one is already home, it has practical advice for you.

Karen interviewed countless military families from all branches in researching this book and each and every one of their stories can be related too by all military families.

No one can totally prepare us for the emotional roller coaster deployments and reintegration brings, but this book will give you tools that will help the process immensely. Karen covers the experience chronologically from planning the homecoming to initial adjustments and post-deployment challenges through the first few months of reunion.

She also emphasizes throughout the book the importance for those that have remained at home, whether spouse or parent, to find a support system and to take care of themselves. We must be strong and whole in order to support our loved one as they return home.

If you or someone you know has dealt with a military casualty, Karen very respectfully and wisely covers this topic as well.

This book is in an easy read format, that has humor intertwined with the tough emotions that life after deployment entails. The book ends with a very thorough and extensive resource list for every stage of military life.

I wish this book had been written during my son’s first deployment and homecoming in early 2006, the information would’ve saved me a lot of wondering about all the ‘what ifs?’ and made it a more rewarding and positive experience.

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  1. Own it, read it, loved it! This was one of the first (many) books I read during my husbands last deployment. Thank you for the review Kathy!

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