Book Review – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Life as a Military Spouse

Reading is one of my many passions in life. It has helped me to educate myself on so many topics, and levels. But most importantly it helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life, deployment. Without certain books I would have been completely lost throughout this process.

When I first purchased this book I will admit, it really did not appeal to me. I had never purchased any of the books entitled “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to”. But after reading this I was definitely surprised at how much information it contained. When I became a military spouse in 2004, I had no information whatsoever as to what steps I should take, or what to do to prepare myself.  When my husband deployed in 2008 I found myself lost with very little to no information on what my duties and role as a military spouse were. So this was the first book I read, and I was grateful for all the information it contained.

From what paperwork you need to preparing for deployment, this book is jam packed with ALL the infromation military spouses need. I know from experience that there is never too much information on any military topic, and I have found that this book covers all military topics. If you want a book to give you the facts and give it to you fast, this book is a go!

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1 thought on “Book Review – The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Life as a Military Spouse”

  1. I read this book before my husband and I got married and it really helped me answer a lot questions. Its a very straightforward book with clear explanations.
    Before I got married I tried reading into “marrying into the military” and this one is by far the best.

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