Deployment: The Fear of the Unknown
Deployment/PCS National Guard/Reserve

Deployment: The Fear of the Unknown

Military spouses, we are a special breed. We married into this life knowing somewhat of what it would entail. We chose it just like our husbands did when they enlisted. Of course we didn’t have to endure basic training and we’re not the ones being deployed, but we have our own trials and tribulations that come along with it. We are the ones that have to be strong and hold everything together at home. It may feel like we’re falling apart inside with grief, loneliness and fear, but on the outside we run our households, hold down the fort, and raise our families.

My husband is in the Army Reserves and has been deployed twice. We’ve only been together for one of those deployments; the other was before we met. He’ll likely be deployed again in the next year or two. That’s a scary feeling for a wife. Knowing that one day soon, you’ll have to say goodbye again. You have absolutely no say in the matter. Our husbands signed up to serve this great nation and Uncle Sam can play that card any time he wants. It doesn’t matter if his child’s birthday is coming up or if our anniversary is next month. If the military needs them, they will take them. And we have no right to be angry about it. That is their job. That is what they signed up for and since we married them, that’s what we signed up for too. We may be afraid or sad at our time apart but we cannot be angry. No one is at fault. We knew what we were getting into when we married into the military.

Deployment: The Fear of the Unknown…

It’s the unknown that we fear. Not knowing when he’ll be called for duty or when he’ll be home again, the lack of control that haunts us. I know without a doubt that my husband is going to be deployed again. Every time there’s a rumbling or a rumor about when the deployment may be, that fear rises up. We’re afraid for our husbands and we’re afraid for ourselves, but we cannot let that fear overtake us. Our husbands are trained, repeat that to make it sink in. Our husbands are well trained. They know what they’re doing and we must have faith that they will complete their mission and come home to us.

Fear is a powerful emotion and one that can overtake us, especially during a deployment. Call on your inner strength, call on your friends and family and endure. We after all, are a special breed.


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  1. well said Holly …you wives are a special brreed…strong and brave and the guys you married are lucky to have you and are strong and brave men thank God for our military guys…love them alll

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