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5 Techniques to Help Get You to the Gym 

According to Web MD, while it is not all that difficult to start working on your fitness levels by joining a gym, the hard part is sticking to it. As your enthusiasm and energy wane and life distractions abound, many of us will throw in the towel. There are, however techniques you can use toContinue Reading “5 Techniques to Help Get You to the Gym “

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 How Busy Moms Can Still Squeeze in That Workout

Being a mom is hard work and finding time to do what you used to can be stressful, as we tend to put our children first. At the forefront of being a good mom is being happy yourself, and this means taking care of your mind and body. Just because we have children, doesn’t meanContinue Reading ” How Busy Moms Can Still Squeeze in That Workout”

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Holiday Stress: Gyms on Base

It’s December and I’ve already indulged this season with savory foods, delectable deserts, shopping excursions and late nights.  My waistline is increasing slowly week by week and I’ve decided that I need to do something before January 1st. Why do we all wait for the New Year to make changes? Is it because it’s easierContinue Reading “Holiday Stress: Gyms on Base”