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Work-At-Home Struggle: Learning to Respect My Time and Teaching Others to Do the Same

No, I can’t, I’m working. While I haven’t said these words out loud as many times as I’ve wanted to, I’ve said them in my mind at least once a day for the past year. I know every other person who works from home says them daily, probably hourly. I left my full-time office jobContinue Reading “Work-At-Home Struggle: Learning to Respect My Time and Teaching Others to Do the Same”

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9-5 Life: Balancing Fitness Diet & Work

Working nine to five might have some benefits like a stable income and unchanging routine, but it can also be fairly hard to organize the rest of your life. The matter of the fact is that your work is not your whole life. Your fitness and nutrition should be just as important as your work.Continue Reading “9-5 Life: Balancing Fitness Diet & Work”

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Work-from-Home Mommy Guilt: What is Enough?

I have been a stay-at-home mom for almost five years. In that time, I have been a writer, a blogger, a small-business owner, a student, and now life has come full circle back to writing and blogging. My husband always tries to remind me that above everything else, I am a wife and a motherContinue Reading “Work-from-Home Mommy Guilt: What is Enough?”

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Balancing Going Back to Work and Daycare

The relentless question that always afflicts working but soon-to-be-mothers is, “Should I go back to work when this baby is born?” This is a question which should ultimately be made by you and your partner. Some women prefer to stay home and watch their children grow and achieve milestones in front of their very ownContinue Reading “Balancing Going Back to Work and Daycare”