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3 Degrees to Pursue After the Military

If you’ve been living the military life, it’s possible you’ve only known one career. Perhaps you got into the military when you were a teenager and served your time there. Or, it’s entirely possible you followed the military path as you couldn’t find another job. Regardless, a lot of people serve in the military andContinue Reading “3 Degrees to Pursue After the Military”

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Heartfelt Ways To Remember Our Veterans

As a Nation and around the world we want to pay tribute to our Veterans. They have stood up and selflessly made sacrifices for all of our freedoms. Because of them, we can live the life we lead and hold our values of freedom and democracy. It is right that we come together and makeContinue Reading “Heartfelt Ways To Remember Our Veterans”

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#DropandGiveMe20 Challenge

We have a challenge for you. The Homefront United Network Executive Editor Amanda Cherry, explains the challenge… In the month of November we’re asking everyone to accept the #DropandGiveMe20 challenge to support our veterans, military members and military families. The idea is to do 20 pushups or any form of exercise you are able toContinue Reading “#DropandGiveMe20 Challenge”


A Lesson Learned from the Oscars, “Don’t Give Up!”

Sunday evening’s 2014 Oscar presentation may have found many of us glued to our seats. We may have dreamt of being in the audience, sharing a slice of pizza with Meryl Streep. Jennifer Brofer enjoyed the Oscars in the comfort of her apartment, with her three roommates and a friends she met in 2013, atContinue Reading “A Lesson Learned from the Oscars, “Don’t Give Up!””