Valentine’s Day, Near or Far

Chocolate, candy, flowers, cards, romantic dinners and “be mine”, that is what Valentine’s Day is to most people. To military spouses however, Valentine’s Day is much more, and most times very different. Sure, we get cards, chocolate, candy and flowers too; the difference is sometimes our gifts arrive at our door via delivery man insteadContinue Reading “Valentine’s Day, Near or Far”

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A National Guard Valentine’s

I used to get really revved up and nervous when Hallmark holidays rolled around. But the longer I’m married the more I know that flowers, chocolates, and fancy dinners can’t compensate for a husband that doesn’t treat you well the rest of the year. I also think that women (including myself) have to watch ourContinue Reading “A National Guard Valentine’s”


Valentine’s Day From Far Away

This year will mark the seventh time in eight years of dating and marriage that my husband and I will be apart for Valentine’s Day. Thanks to the military, deployments, and training, Valentine’s Day without my valentine have become the norm, rather than the exception. The one year we were together, I was two monthsContinue Reading “Valentine’s Day From Far Away”