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Veteran’s Administration Overhaul

  Veteran’s Administration Overhaul Former US Army General and Joint Chief of Staff Eric Shinseki is no stranger to headlines and reporters asking difficult questions. When he took over the role of Director of Veteran’s Affairs (VA), a post that very rarely sees the spotlight, he must have thought those stressful days were behind him.Continue Reading “Veteran’s Administration Overhaul”

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Man’s Best Cure

Let me tell you a little about my dog Dixie. Dixie is a German Shepard/Coon hound mix that we adopted from an animal shelter in 1998.  Dixie soon became a member of our family which included my husband (who suffers from PTSD) our other dog Simba a Chow-Chow/North Timberland wolf mix and of course myself. Continue Reading “Man’s Best Cure”