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3 Travel Hacks for Solo Parents

Traveling with children can be exhausting at the best of times—but when you’re flying solo as a parent, the trip to and through the airport, and the subsequent flight, can leave you tearing your hair out. It’s constantly at the back of your mind: the boredom-induced tantrum that builds slowly and climaxes in a showerContinue Reading “3 Travel Hacks for Solo Parents”


When You Leave

A few weeks ago, I left on a week-long trip to visit my younger sister and her family. I hadn’t seen them since February during a vacation as we PCS’d to our new duty station, and it was time. I was hurting to see her and my niece, who is only two months older thanContinue Reading “When You Leave”


European Travel Tips

Traveling around Europe can be crazy and chaotic, but with a little planning and some great travel tips, you can enjoy yourself and avoid extra hassles and costs! Flying: Flying within Europe is cheaper than flying within the US. There are several low-cost airlines that fly from Europe’s capitals as low as €75! (about $108).Continue Reading “European Travel Tips”