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Travel Safely for Thanksgiving: 4 Tips to Help You Prepare

Growing up in the northeast meant living close to family, and with that came the big family holiday celebrations. Thanksgiving was one of those holidays that we all celebrated together, at my Grandma’s house in North Jersey. That is until we moved down south to Virginia. If you’ve ever traveled the Turnpike on the SundayContinue Reading “Travel Safely for Thanksgiving: 4 Tips to Help You Prepare”


When Breaking Tradition Becomes Tradition

I am a holiday junkie. There I said it. I love this time of year and everything about it. The decorations, music, food, all of it. Thanksgiving is one of my favorites as I have always loved having family around, everyone helping in the kitchen, all the food smelling up the house. While football is beingContinue Reading “When Breaking Tradition Becomes Tradition”


Brace Yourselves…The Holidays Are Coming!

The holiday season is here again! It seems like just yesterday I was preparing for last holiday season. Though I absolutely love everything about the holidays, every year they seem to sneak up even faster and I find myself not quite ready for all the hustle and bustle. As much as I have tried toContinue Reading “Brace Yourselves…The Holidays Are Coming!”


An Open Door Thanksgiving Tradition

I don’t know about you, but in my house it is just my husband and I. Holidays should be pretty low key since it is just the two of us, however that has not been the case in years. The first couple of years we were married we did the “Thanksgiving dinner for two”. DoContinue Reading “An Open Door Thanksgiving Tradition”