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Beat the Heat: Avoiding Food Poisoning

Summertime smells of picnics and barbecues. Any given day can be marked with smoke from backyard grills and dotted with families laying out blankets or gathering around park tables. Lurking underneath each gathering is the silent bite of food poisoning. It can strike at any time and affect anyone. It is important to be awareContinue Reading “Beat the Heat: Avoiding Food Poisoning”


Be All You Can Be in the Heat

It’s hot outside. No, it’s REALLY hot outside.  It’s a heat wave in July and most of the country is miserable. We’re complaining. Our air conditioners aren’t able to keep up, the pool isn’t refreshing and our grass is a not so lovely shade of dead. Oh and did I mention that we’ve been complaining?Continue Reading “Be All You Can Be in the Heat”