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Travel Safely for Thanksgiving: 4 Tips to Help You Prepare

Growing up in the northeast meant living close to family, and with that came the big family holiday celebrations. Thanksgiving was one of those holidays that we all celebrated together, at my Grandma’s house in North Jersey. That is until we moved down south to Virginia. If you’ve ever traveled the Turnpike on the SundayContinue Reading “Travel Safely for Thanksgiving: 4 Tips to Help You Prepare”

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3 Great Trunk-or-Treat Ideas

  “Mom,” she shouts from the other room, “I want to be Kitty Cheshire for Halloween.” Five minutes later she’s changed her mind to another Ever After High character. She goes back and forth each day. Yes, it’s October. While the weather is turning a little cooler and those of you with foliage are enjoyingContinue Reading “3 Great Trunk-or-Treat Ideas”

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5 Ways to Make Your Car Pool Even Safer

  School is back in session and the list of extracurricular activities available to school-aged children keeps growing. This summer, we added a third child to the mix and upgraded to a minivan. One of the best things about our eight-passenger van is that now I have the ability to drive other people around. MyContinue Reading “5 Ways to Make Your Car Pool Even Safer”