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A General Strategy for Budgeting Money

Guest Post By: Savannah Hennings  In a way, budgeting is like combat. You have to be prepared for inevitable expenses like food, clothing, shelter, education, utilities, transportation, etc. At the same time, you need to expect the unexpected, such as sudden medical emergencies or natural disasters. It’s no easy task to cope with these, especiallyContinue Reading “A General Strategy for Budgeting Money”

Finance/Money Guest Blogs

Easy Tips to Save Money on Everything

It is never fun to spend money on things that are essential, but cost a lot. Such items like beauty products, food, or cleaning supplies can be very expensive if they are good quality – who doesn’t want that? The same goes with the not so essentials, but nice things too. That includes holidays, clothing,Continue Reading “Easy Tips to Save Money on Everything”


Money Matters: Sometimes Spending Too Much is Okay

Before we had kids, my husband and I could have easily taken a few vacations for ourselves. A week of leave here or a quick weekend trip there would have been simple to pull off because his training schedule didn’t include deployments and there were surely several places we could’ve gone while keeping within theContinue Reading “Money Matters: Sometimes Spending Too Much is Okay”


Save Money in the Grocery Store With the Ibotta SmartPhone App! Plus get a FREE $5!

  If you are looking for ways to save money on your groceries on top of using coupon and you have a smartphone, then I have some great information for you! The Ibotta App is a great app to use to save more money on your grocery bill and is super simple to use!  This FREE App allowsContinue Reading “Save Money in the Grocery Store With the Ibotta SmartPhone App! Plus get a FREE $5!”