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Not Ready to Let Go of the Military? Consider This.

Your ETS date is almost here. You still don’t know exactly what you are going to do with yourself after you get out. You have a job lined up, but you are not sure if it is going to be fulfilling enough. You are ready to get out of the military yet at the sameContinue Reading “Not Ready to Let Go of the Military? Consider This.”

Homefront National Guard/Reserve

5 Things That Will Always Happen on Drill Weekend

  My husband has been in National Guard for almost two years now, and after active duty – I was ready for a little break from constant Army and felt like one weekend a month was manageable. As long as it was part-time Army life, I could handle it, right? Drill weekends happen once aContinue Reading “5 Things That Will Always Happen on Drill Weekend”

Homefront National Guard/Reserve

Lets Make a Readiness Folder!

I’m no stranger to the “going it alone” life.  In more ways then one it applies to the military life. For some, it is the very essence of their world. For those of us in the National Guard or Reserves world it can be a daily thing. Having been stationed remotely (without the conveniences ofContinue Reading “Lets Make a Readiness Folder!”


Happy Third Anniversary- Homefront United Network!

Christmas Day 2010 the Homefront United Network posted it’s first article.  Since that day three years ago, the Homefront United Network has grown and changed.  Along the way our writers have also grown and changed.  As editor/writer I’ve been here since the beginning, and I know why I love it.  So I had to ask,Continue Reading “Happy Third Anniversary- Homefront United Network!”