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New Intrepid Center Satellite Dedicated on Fort Belvoir

On September 11th, 2013 many people spent time remembering those that lost their lives that terrible day twelve years ago.  After more than a decade of war we are just beginning to look at some of the effects of war on service members and their families.  The rise in cases of Traumatic Brain Injury andContinue Reading “New Intrepid Center Satellite Dedicated on Fort Belvoir”

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The On-Going Journey Begins

I have always said that I was a strong person, but the PTSD/TBI diagnosis and treatment process has almost broken me. I remember being so relieved when after over three years of living with my husband’s state of denial, we received a diagnosis. There was official proof that I was not crazy and that thereContinue Reading “The On-Going Journey Begins”

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Ashley Wise: The Face Behind Battling BARE

The images are powerful.  The bare backs of women, accessorized with camouflage material, dog tags, frequently the American flag speak volumes of the struggle they endure.  Photographs on Facebook, the cover of Military Spouse magazine and other media sites of women, a few men and even children pledging to stand strong for their loved onesContinue Reading “Ashley Wise: The Face Behind Battling BARE”

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He Likes Me! He Really Likes Me!

Six years ago life as my three kids and I knew it changed. We were so excited because our soldier was coming home after being deployed for 15 months, we would finally be a complete family again. Considering this was our sixth deployment, we had no concerns or worries and knew what we should expectContinue Reading “He Likes Me! He Really Likes Me!”