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Hold the Pills Please: Treating PTSD

  Hold the Pills Please: Treating PTSD I had previously written an article about my frustration with what seems to be the easiest form of treating PTSD…..pills, pills, and more pills. According to an article on up to 25 percent of military who spend time in a war/combat zone and up to six percentContinue Reading “Hold the Pills Please: Treating PTSD”

Mental Health/Wellness

What Suicide Taught Me

  What Suicide Taught Me In 2010 I sat in my living room across from Bob Woodruff of ABC news. Woodruff was conducting an interview with myself, my now ex-husband and interviewed Shannon Galloway, who’s husband Major Chris Galloway had committed suicide not long before the interviews. Woodruff asked me a question that has angeredContinue Reading “What Suicide Taught Me”

Mental Health/Wellness

Happy Ending

Happy Ending  My husband has PTSD and the last six years have not been what I would call a joyous journey, but I feel like the last month my frustration level has risen 500 levels and not even because of his PTSD. I have been so blessed through this experience to have met some amazingContinue Reading “Happy Ending”

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Love Honor and Obey

You’d call me a traditional Army wife.  When I got married the minister asked if I wanted “love, honor and obey” left in my vows- of course.  My husband is the head of my household, and it is my duty as his wife to obey him just as it is his duty to obey hisContinue Reading “Love Honor and Obey”