3 Things this Marine Wife Learned from Meeting the President

I always thought the President of the United States was someone I would only ever see on television. I equated it with meeting a famous actor, actress, singer, or other entertainment icons. Though it would be much more meaningful to meet the President, I knew the chances of it happening were slim to none. OnContinue Reading “3 Things this Marine Wife Learned from Meeting the President”

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What Inauguration Reminded Me About Being an American

I have been feeling the weight of personal opinions and politics on me a lot lately. The world of social media is a chaotic place. You get caught up in discussions, disagreements and sometimes need a friendly reminder that while you may not agree with others views, you have that right. While attending the events,Continue Reading “What Inauguration Reminded Me About Being an American”

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Dear President-Elect

Dear President-Elect Trump, On Friday, with the world watching, you will raise your right hand and take the oath of office – the oath of the highest office held in our nation. I will be watching. My children will be watching. People who supported you and people who didn’t will stand in silence and watchContinue Reading “Dear President-Elect”