Military Moves Explained: A Guide for Military Spouses

Serving your country is one of the noblest life calls one can take. However, there are many unpleasantries that accompany serving in the military. One of the most common ones is constant relocation. Each time your military unit moves, you have to follow, and this can be a source of stress. Furthermore, it’s not onlyContinue Reading “Military Moves Explained: A Guide for Military Spouses”


5 Ways to Stay Sane During a PCS

Summer is nearly here, and many of us are anxiously planning summer vacations and cookouts with friends. We’re thinking about fun things to do with the kids once school is out and what projects we can get done with the nice weather. It’s the season to relax a little more, worry a little less, andContinue Reading “5 Ways to Stay Sane During a PCS”


The First Move

My husband and I just completed our first PCS (Permanent Change of Station) together, across the country from our home state. I’ve never lived more than 5 hours away from home and no further than a three state span of my entire extended family. Being completely honest, I’m not the most flexible when it comesContinue Reading “The First Move”