Pregnancy in the Military – Part One

I took the test the night before my birthday in early April. It had only been a week and a half since I had dropped my husband off at the airport to go back to Iraq from his R&R. I was just getting used to not having him around again when the anxiety started up.Continue Reading “Pregnancy in the Military – Part One”

Homefront Military Kids/Special Needs

What I’d Say

There are two reasons for it, I think. Being a parent, you know, quietly, that your family will go on much longer than your own life. And when someone you love is in the military, you tend to think about mortality even more. You have no choice. Life is nothing if not unpredictable, and thereContinue Reading “What I’d Say”

Homefront Military Kids/Special Needs

Motherly Advice

  I was given so much advice while I was pregnant that I get morning sickness just thinking about it. Most of it was meant well, although most of it was also unsolicited. There were times where I could have sworn I saw a little twinkle in the eyes of mothers passing on their tales,Continue Reading “Motherly Advice”